Angel Blessings

Spiritual Enlightenment
We all have Spiritual Gifts. We are all able to connect with our God. Through deep devotion and commitment to my Lord, I have become blessed in doing just that. As in any "Talent" the magnitude will depend on the "Gratitude"! I love my God! But before I could get to this place, I had to find that same love for myself. Growing up "hard" made that a challenge. I, like most, have made many mistakes. My biggest one was allowing circumstances to create my outlook on life. We are all BLESSED. Let go of fear, self doubt and sorrow. They will only extinguish the light of God in you. I am spiritual. I believe in Christ with all my heart. He is the center of all the work I do. 

During a Spiritual Reading, again I am a conduit receiving and interpreting messages from God, Angels/Guides and loved ones. With each session I will pray to ask God to bring or orchestrate those message.This is a very powerful and spiritual experience that will send you away feeling relief that your loved ones are close by, and contentment that you are never alone in your struggles or fears. 

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​Now Available ~ Group Reading Parties. Invite up to ten guest to experience together!
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