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After a Treatment
As Reflexology is a natural way to detox the body, it is important to drink at least 16 oz of water after a treatment to help with that flushing. If possible, spend the rest of the day in a relaxing place.
45 Minute Treatment
Reflexology is gentle, yet firm pressure to the hands and feet to stimulate the nerve ending that correspond to all the internal organs and extremities in and on the body. This soft yet effective form of massage is used to encourage the body to naturally release toxins, while also promoting relaxation to allow the body to self heal. While Reflexology is used to help the body recharge and rejuvenate, it is also very effective in releasing pent up negative emotions. 
What Can Reflexology Help With
~Back Pain        ~Arthritis            ~Sleep Disorders              ~Kidney Stones
~Migraines        ~Injuries             ~Hormonal Imbalance        ~Cancer Treatment
~Infertility       ~ Stress             ~Digestive Disorders         ~Energy 
~Anxiety            ~Depression       ~Multiple Sclerosis           ~ Asthma 

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