Angel Blessings
Combo Services
Experience Reflexology and Reiki together in a very relaxing, grounding and detoxifying  treatment. As the Reflexology stimulates the body to promote cleansing, Reiki balances and smooths the energy out allowing peace and serenity. 
60 Minute Treatment
Reflexology/Reiki/Spiritual Enlightenment
90 Minute Treatment
In this treatment you will receive the benefits of gentle detoxing, energy balancing and connection with your God, Guides and loved ones. Most always during a healing treatment there are loved ones assisting or just standing and observing. 

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Reiki/Spiritual Enlightenment
60 Minute Treatment  
In this treatment we work to clear your energy blocks while rejuvenating your energy centers allowing a more clear and productive communication with your God, Angels and/or loved ones. Spiritual connection is a gift for us all. We have better results when our energy is clear and open. 
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