Angel Blessings
Red: Power,Fastpace,Challenge
The Aura is the outer field of protection that connects and coincides to our inner energy centers known as Chakras and Meridians. Come experience and be shown the uniqueness of your Aura. This high tech camera picks up the biofeedback in your bodies energy and displays your aura image, shows the frequency of your energy, depth of the vibration in your chakras and much more! Each color has different emotional meanings. In creating awareness to our aura, we can then take a better approach to maintaining a clean and healthy aura. As energy enters into our Aura, then is absorbed into our Chakras it then runs into the rivers of our Meridians to be distributed into our organs and cells. Call today to schedule your Aura Imaging Reading. 
Aura Image Readings at Angel Blessings 
Cost: a 16 page read out and photo $45 plus tax 

Orange:Creativity,Happiness, Joy, Ethusiasm
Yellow:Intelligence,Curiosity, New Opportunity 
Hard worker,Empathy
Violet:Cosmic Knowledge, Faith
Set up an Aura Imaging Party of 10, at your house or at Angel Blessings and get your Aura reading FREE!